Dermoth Mattison,

Founder & Executive Director

Dermoth Mattison, the founder and Executive Director of South Shore Charter School is an experienced school administrator whose educational philosophy is rooted in the core belief that all children, no matter their race, culture, or socio-economic status, can learn and perform at high levels. He is a Suffolk County resident with over 10 years’ experience in charter school leadership. He is a married father of three wonderful children.

Upon completing a Master’s Degree in Childhood Education, he spent several years teaching in New York City Charter Schools. This rewarding experience enabled him to make a difference in the lives of students from low-income communities. Through intensive academic interventions, he successfully closed the achievement gap by large margins each year in literacy and math. After demonstrating leadership and delivering consistent high academic results in the classroom, Mr. Mattison was promoted to serve as an Assistant Principal in a Bedford-Stuyvesant Charter School. During this time, he also obtained a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration and his New York State School Building Leadership and School District Leadership Certifications. After years of successful results, Mr. Mattison was assigned to serve as Principal of The Academy Charter School in Hempstead, New York. Throughout his six years as Principal, he helped the organization scale up and expand while maintaining unprecedented outcomes for children. Under his tenure, the school was recognized by the New York State Dept. of Education as a reward school for high achievement and high progress.

After having served the Hempstead community as Principal for several years in Nassau County, Mr. Mattison transitioned from this role to fulfil his vision to establish a high performing charter school to serve students and families in the Eastern Suffolk County region where he resides. He soon began to realize that families in these communities were struggling to find high quality affordable alternatives to their underperforming school districts. Several local pastors and community leaders from the Central Islip area met with Mr. Mattison to share their concerns about the continued poor performance of the Central Islip School District and the need for a high-quality school in the region. From these meetings, Mr. Mattison assembled a founding team of educators and parents to better understand the needs of the Central Islip community.

Mr. Mattison brought the founding team together to develop key aspects of the school’s design. He led the effort to engage the Central Islip community through forums, focus groups and street canvassing. He also dedicated time to connecting with key community leaders, local civic leaders, business leaders and other stakeholders. Mr. Mattison was the lead applicant and the primary author of the charter. On October 7, 2021, the SUNY Charter School Institute’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted for the approval of South Shore Charter School to open its doors to serve the families of Central Islip. Mr. Mattison and his team are humbled and honored to be able to provide an educational program that fosters innovative thinking to the Central Islip region. His vision is to provide students with the tools necessary to become innovative and socially responsible leaders who will develop solutions to the challenges facing our society.


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