Core Values

Our core values are explicitly taught, posted throughout our school and in each classroom and are interwoven throughout the school year through a social emotional learning program, intentional behavior management and discipline practices.


I will make the right choices no matter where I am or who I am around.


I will have courage and resolve in the face of adversity


I will never give up no matter what challenge I face


I will always do my personal best


I am responsible for myself and for you


I will be determined and resolute

These values will be taught and explored on a daily basis throughout the school year. We will instill these values through three main programs: Positive Action Program, the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching and Restorative Justice Practices.  Positive Actions is a comprehensive social-emotional learning curriculum that helps students develop self-management skills and encourages responsible decision making. Positive Actions has been proven to improve academic and social performance while reducing instances of disciplinary action, bullying, and other negative behaviors.

Our Deans of School Culture will lead the School Culture Response Team to establish the social-emotional curriculum, closely manage school climate through data, establish a shared approach to discipline, and engage families as partners. The School Culture response team is made up of the Principal, Deans of School Culture, Guidance Counselor and Social Worker. Together, they will develop the social emotional curriculum to support the implementation of teaching and celebrating the South Shore Charter School values. All members of the school community are expected to embody these values to model positive school culture and allow academics, innovation, and collaboration to flourish.