Our Mission

The mission of South Shore Charter School is to cultivate in our students the tenacity, integrity, and curiosity needed to become innovative and socially responsible leaders, ready to face and solve the ever-changing challenges facing our society.

Academically, South Shore Charter School will balance constructivist approaches that promote higher-level thinking and collaborative learning with standards-based instruction and assessments that provide specific learning targets and ensure greater accountability. While we honor the structure and rigor that is defined by the learning standards, we believe that a constructivist approach allows for flexibility in a child’s learning and aligns to our mission of fostering curiosity in our students.

We believe this dual approach differentiates us from other schools in that we nurture curiosity and foster creativity in our students across the content area. Students will be challenged to utilize their critical thinking and problem solving skills. By balancing these two approaches, students will become nimble in proposing clear hypotheses while supporting them with clear evidence. They will devise their own strategies to problem-solving, with a clear sense of their learning goals within each subject area on a daily basis.